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Who We Are The who, the why and what is our company

We are Digital Etiquette, a branding agency created to take on the traditional advertising companies by challenging the status quo of the highly competitive online market with a bold and re-branded approach to marketing.

We Transform Brands

We create innovative brand experience solutions that engage and speak directly to each customer, conceptualizing all the extensions of your brand's personality through strong vibrant graphic design projects/elements.

Why us?

As we live in a digital world, our new creative energy is required to further push the boundaries in emerging your brand’s (cross-media) visibility, developing strategies and creative ways to fast-track emotional connections to your brand’s story.

Brand Design Reimagined

We believe Branding is a mix of craft, science, storytelling, strategy and philosophy so we don’t just talk creative rhetoric: we deliver fresh and engaging concepts every time, being our way to inspire more personal brand connections.

Art Before Price

We take pride in the real value of our work which is bringing brands to life, and making a change of colour in the marketing landscape, in display of the entire world. As we put customer satisfaction first, and money later, we offer very affordable prices.


Our Services From design to branding and social marketing campaigns, our creative solutions are strategically powerful and thoroughly crafted to cover all the extensions of a brand's framework.

Brand Strategy

We work with you to determine your brand promise, products and services, as well as the target audiences to create a brand strategy that inspires how people feel, influence how they behave and engage.

Brand Identity

We define who you are and what you stand for by crafting your brand’s voice, look and feel. By creating a comprehensive identity, your brand will convey a strong message.

Brand Naming

We help clients to choose inspiring names for their products or businesses, customized to deliver a compelling brand image.

Print Advertising

We work on all facets of brand design - creating visual experiences going far and beyond the logo - for brochures, catalogs, magazines.

Web Design & Internet Campaigns

Creativity. It’s limitless. And advertising? It’s changing. We are here to adapt your cross-media marketing strategies in any brand environment, helping your story travel further and faster, to make an impact.

Social Marketing Strategies

We’ll take your brand to the web, enhancing your visibility through creative social marketing campaigns.

Methodology Our process calls on a blend of strategic and creative mix of talents, a deliberate patient effort to find the right idea and connection and transform it into an experience which fast-tracks an emotional response from your clients..

  1. Analysis

    We will assess the current state and performance of your brand, dive into your organizational culture and business model, and then - chart the next level in your brand development.

  2. Strategy

    Once we know how far you want to take your business, we deploy our talents and start mapping a brand strategy which will assist your company as a blue print for success.

  3. Implementation

    This is the stage where plain ideas are shaped into life and brought together to impress, attract and give your core message a visual identity. Starting from a logo, color scheme print materials and a strong online presence we jumpstart a new pulse in your brand.

  4. Review

    After we've embedded your identity and created a rich and engaging brand voice, we ask for a feedback.

  5. Engage

    Let your clients get in touch with your fresh identity. They are ready for the emotional experience and consistent dialogue your new brand can provide.

Our Work Browse some of our latest work for a feel of our skills.

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